Chelation Process
The Systems IV water treatment systems use patent pending technology to soften hard water based on the scientific process of chelation in which the metal ions causing hard water, principally calcium and magnesium, are bound to the chelating agent in our FDA approved, proprietary formulation, which keeps the minerals (calcium and magnesium) soluble and unable to bind to cause hard water problems. The resulting water is soft and healthy for all of your equipment needs.

We stock filters and filtration
 systems for:
Water treatments
Ice Machines
Hot beverage dispensers
Ware Washers
Steam Equipment

All water contains calcium, which results in scale formation. ScaleGone continuously
dispenses an FDA approved proprietary formulation called Citryne. It neutralizes calcium on contact leaving equipment “scale free”. The small amount of Citryne dispensed is safe for equipment and will efficiently provide a “scale free” environment for up to six months. “No Tool” cartridge replacements are available as needed.
With two model options, ScaleGone will solve any scale problem!
Slime Eliminator for Ice Makers
Most ice makers are installed with activated carbon filters. These
filters remove chlorine, the disinfectant added to municipal
drinking water to destroy bacteria. Without a disinfectant, ice
makers are left unprotected from bacteria slime growth. The ice
maker’s location and environment can contribute to rapid bacteria
slime growth. The BioClean I system controls these unhealthy
ice maker maintenance problems. Bacteria can be killed with as
little as 0.2 ppm chlorine, but to ensure adequate disinfection, 1.5
ppm is continuously dispensed to the ice maker. At this low level,
no chlorine can be detected in the ice cubes.
Hot Beverage Water Filter
The Coffee Clear water filter provides consistent high quality water to maintain a profitable drink operation. Coffee Clear is an affordable water filter for Coffee brewers, hot tea dispensers and cappuccino machines. The water filter provides high quality beverage water to ensure optimum beverage taste."
Water Treatment for Ice & Steam
The WaterTech provides superior water filtration as well as proprietary water treatment technology proven to control
scale problems in ice makers and steam cookers. The WaterTech introduces FDA approved special treatment blend at a constant rate to maximize scale elimination.

• Controls scale forming in water before entering an ice maker
or steam cooker
• Provides continuous ice or steam production

• Reduces machine maintenance
• Built in multi-stage filtration to prevent premature clogging of the filter
• Connects to cold water line
• Easy cartridge change out